1% Upwards

Hey good people, trust that you’re keeping well!Upwards

Today while clearing clutter, I came across a note I did on goals, but not so sure where I picked it from. It read something like:-

Every goal needs:

So true! I think that all these 3 steps are vital.

Things happen, setbacks crawl in, and life gets busy and we tend abandon our very good dreams on life’s highway.

Its however possible to pick up from where we left, dust up, recover and realize our stalled dreams. We can start even by a small margin.  I like calling it 1% upwards. It’s the “don’t bite off more than you can chew” kinda resolve.

How To:
  • Form disciplines. Do away with procrastination. Be a now person: “do it right and do it now!”
  • Commit to follow through and make yourself better by practice. (Ehe, my biggest challenge)
  • Talk to God about all these

So, let’s continue pursuing our dreams and not to give up easily when the roads toughen.

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