3F’s For Online Journalism


As a budding journalist be friendly to others.

On our segment today, we have one lady with most beautiful of smiles – Mary, a Senior Online Journalist, who is so passionate about her work.

She’s been at it for 1 year now and the journey has been an interesting one to say the least.  Let’s listen in to her insights

The internet is a fast-paced platform and any online journalist would need essential tips to grow with it and not left behind.

Though the space can’t be filled, for maximum impact, reporters need to learn some basics so that they can be relevant in the humongous space, where they can easily be ignored.


Be factual. Getting correct details is paramount. In as much as bad news sells, ensure that you have your facts right.

Law suits are very real in these streets therefore, make certain you do not land in the corridors of justice by roping a fake story to gain clicks. 


Kenyans are eager to hear, read and see news as it happens. As an online journalist get your facts very fast and ensure you put out the story immediately.

This will cut a niche for you as a reliable source of news. No sooner or later you will be an online influencer who for your information get rewarding deals from companies when they want to sell products or push a campaign.


Honestly the internet is full of hate and attacks. As a budding journalist be friendly to others. In as much as you are simply working behind a desktop where nobody can see you, basic morals still stand!

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