Little Things That Spice Friendships


A few years back, when my dear friend left for schooling abroad, I didn’t know how the few days coming would be. At the airport, my emotions were leveling up against me. I do miss her a lot but am also appreciative of the new friends I’ve met and the older ones that I still uphold, that make our friendship rich.

I am learning and relearning how to value my friendships!

Needless to say, most of us tend to think in relationships, the other person has to bear all the weight in its sustenance. We seemingly enter into a comfort zone and fail to initiate conversations, or go the extra mile to visit the other person, or just be a blessing in kind.

Relationships need effort (I am working on it too…)

Be the initiator, take the 2nd place

For friendships to thrive, there has to be mutual interest to working it out.   Think about the other person more than you do yourself, help them be the best they can be. In essence, wake up asking yourself “who can I bless today?”

All these will come back to you in oodles.

I am certainly allowing some squeezing and pressing here and there; that I may be a better me.  What can you do differently to make your friendships better? Share in the comments below.

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2 Responses to “Little Things That Spice Friendships

  • I love the being the initiator, and taking the 2nd place part. If we all did this, then our relationships would thrive!

    • DJ Paula Kent
      3 years ago

      True. Every person has their part to play in ensuring that our relations thrive. Thanks for the note.

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