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Be persistent and don’t give up. Giving up is done by the masses but be amongst the few who choose to push on.

This being my first interview in 2017, am seating in with the one and only DJ Mzito, over a cup of tea at 10 am sharing about who he is. Leggoo!

Kindly introduce yourself, who’s DJ Mzito?

Mzito is a born again minister of God – a gospel DJ who plays on The Switch; a K24 show, every Sunday from 10a to 1p.

They call me Erastus Wambugu at home, unique name if I may add (says it laughing)

Take us through your deejaying journey

Well, I joined the industry in 2011 as a student at K-krew Deejay Campus. Through the years, I’ve advanced and bettered my skills amidst of challenges and progressive victories.

It’s been an ongoing learning curve; a daily one I must admit that has made me wiser and proficient.

How about any person who’s walked with you through this journey?

First and foremost, am grateful to K-krew Unit for instilling knowledge and skills in me from the very start.

Now back to a mentor, Deejay Soxxy has been so instrumental in my life. He still “grooms “me and I truly look up to him in many ways. Big ups dude!

Erasto, if you weren’t a DJ today, what other skill would we be seeing playing out in you?

(Chuckles) Well, whatever it is am sure it would be music related but definitely not singing. The other day I did hum some few tunes on Kubamba Radio morning show, but that was pure fun!

Yaaaas, I’d likely be a Music Producer!

Do you have any mentees?

I’d say that I’ve not directly mentored anyone but we do exchange ideas, advises and the like with my peers and vertically too.  Did you know that it’s very possible to even learn some nuggets from deejaying students?

However, there’s this one guy, DJ Double O with whom we spend time a lot. If he can fit in the description of a mentee, then he’ll be the one but I guess he is more of a pal.

It’s good to unwind when at home, so what’s your favourite activity?

Waoo, I love music. At home I listen to a lot of it and even when lights go off; my phone will be the backup device or stereo of choice.

I’m also a diligent student at “Youtube Varsity”…where I learn video editing and graphics. Hahaha!

2017 is the “year of yes” as Kambua would’ve put it, what’s in store for you now that you turned a year older this week?

  • There’s an entity I’d formed way back in 2013 but it went dormant for some reasons. I’m working at rebuilding it. That’s Crystal Entertainment, if you like.
  • As a DJ, I want to advance; have a better social presence, build my brand and basically explore untapped opportunities and make a difference #InHisService. Its gonna be exciting!

Kindly tell us more about the Crystal Ent. What’s it all about?

Well, this is not a deejaying school or unit. It’s a normal entertainment biz that provides deejaying services, sound & lighting, events planning and the works.

DJ Mzito, looking at a 14 year version of yourself, what advise would you tell him?

“You young Erastus, whatever you want to do, go for it. Be persistent, believe in yourself and depend wholly on God.”

I can now attest to God’s hand all through my life. The things He’s done for me to date, just baffles me.

Any regrets in your deejaying career, if any?

Nay, I call them life lessons.  They’ve made me stronger. In going down, I’ve learnt how to rise again and stay on course.

Advise To DJs

Now, talk to female DJs. Some insights perhaps?

I think they have the most opportunities here in 254. They are fewer unlike us guys. So dear ladies:

  • Work on your skills. Don’t expect favours coz you are a chic. Let your skills speak for you.
  • Be persistent. Do not give up even when it gets tough. Your passion is right here.
  • And…when you take some time off to get babies, please get back on the decks when that season is over.

And to all upcoming DJs…

  • Work at your skills, scratching is not deejaying. Blend songs well.
  • Know your music and learn crowd science.
  • Be persistent and don’t give up. Giving up is done by the masses but be amongst the few who choose to push on.

Now talk to your fans and business prospects.

Please check me out on the below social links:

  • Twitter: @djmzito
  • Facebook: Deejay Mzito
  • Instagram: @djmzito
  • Snapchat: @djmzito



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4 Responses to “DJ Mzito; Larger Than Life

  • Be persistent & wholly trust in God. Good stuff!

  • Well written interview. I like twe advise given to the chics: “Don’t expect favours coz you are a chic. Let your skills speak for you”, how true!

    • DJ Paula Kent
      3 years ago

      That’s an eye opener to myself too. This year must be different for us female deejays and for me as an individual!

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