DJ Perfect – Part II

In this post, Perfect delves more on event planning and execution…

Perfect Vibe wear

Perfect Vibe wear


There’s usually something interesting about everyone’s first gig, how was yours?

Yeah, that’s right. I got my first gig; a graduation party at Karen, just about one week after also graduating from deejay academy. We were prepared, together with my pal Deejay Uniq but tension was real regardless. He opened up the set and I closed it. I thank God that it turned out to be a great event.

Take us through DJ’s set phases at an event, and how to build it up to gather momentum

Most big shows are graphed. The Opening Set is meant to elevate the crowd to a certain percentage on the graph. This is then followed by Praise Set, Artist Performances comes in next, Hype Set and finally Closing Set.

The whole idea is to have a progressive graph.

Well trained DJs, should have no difficulty playing any set they’re scheduled, but hype set is far much sensitive and requires practice.

As a matter of preference, I love opening sets, coz I get longer play time; place the crowd into a good mood. I also enjoy the hypeset ’cause I’m The Decks King and I’m able to stir up dancing excitement in a crowd within no minutes. I dance too as I deejay – I simply feel my music.

What does it takes to prepare for an event?

I prepare everything at least one day ahead since I’m not a last-minute kind of guy. My playlist has to be on point. I try to include songs of the artists I’m managing and I ensure my deejay gear is ready.

I think through what I’ll wear. If it’s an outside event, I get quality sound and techs to run and manage it. However thoroughly I’ve prepared, if sound fails, then my event flops. Good sound is a must!

It is also important to have security detail to watch over the equipments and other necessities. It’s unfortunate how items disappear at events, which is a major setback for DJs. So I engage an able team to watch over our stuff. Lastly, for paid-up events signing of contracts is absolutely essential.

And where do you see yourself in the next 5 years or will you have quit deejaying?

(Laughs). My deejaying is for a lifetime. I’ll be at it even when my hair turns grey but I’ll be re-inventing myself in different areas. I’m working in setting ground for TV and radio production alongside expanding my diverse businesses.

With all the things you do, how then do you balance your deejay and social life?

When I’m not DJ Perfect, I am Elvis and I separate the two pretty well. At home and when with family, I’m Elvis. I do my house chores and I’m very humble and nothing complicated and no showbiz. I love my amazing wifey and my momma a lot. I also enjoy watching movies almost daily, to recharge.

At gigs, DJ Perfect is permitted to have a certain allowance to shine his star brightly. Once I’ve performed and I’m off the stage, I always remember to wear humility. I distaste pride.

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