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As we are launching this website today, I have the privilege of chatting with one of my favorite Mentors – the one and only DJ Perfect, The Decks King.

Introduce yourself to us DJ Perfect


From Perfect’s wedding gallery


You have one of the most daring kind on artistic names I’ve come across, Perfect, why this name? And do you live up to it?

(Laughs). This name has its origin in the scriptures Mathew 5:48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. I do not believe in living an ordinary kind of life, we are called to uphold excellence in our service to God and His children and so I am perfect by His enablement and through my resolve. And yes, I live up to it. I kill it on set and hence my tag-line the Decks King. I am in the Kings League and I do represent that pretty well.

How did you start your deejaying career?

I have been actively in the industry from 2013 though it all begun differently. I’ve had the deejaying interest since high school and shortly after finishing, I got introduced to Maumau Sounds, where the training was not formal but got to learn a few deejaying tricks for 3 weeks. This enabled me to play opening sets in clubs as a secular DJ. My conviction could not allow me to continue and so I jumped ship to gospel disk-jockeying under DJ Sadic, through my good pal and artist who linked us up; JFam.

So under Genius Entertainment, I got trained afresh and polished this art through the help of Dan Tha Deejay, DJ Touch, DJ Gjo and of course DJ Sadic. I can say that I was fortunate enough to have tapped knowledge from all these great men! I later got absorbed into the unit, where I served.

Any challenges you’ve encountered in the industry?

When I started training at Genius, my main challenge was monetary and getting a time balance since I was in employment.

However, my not giving up is attributed to the burning desire I had to become a DJ. Then God helped me to just practice patience over the years, which has helped me to date, in greater measures.

A true DJ is driven by passion and not whim or cash.

What else moves you?

I’m an entrepreneur under Perfect Vibes Studios. I run an academy and manage upcoming artists.

My mission is to develop top-notch professionals, who are disciplined in time management. I mentor artists from scratch; we work on song writing, to music production/recording, and distribution.

I host #TheRushHour event, that gets me fired-up all the time!

I happen to have heard you on a Saturday Jam show on Truth FM the other day, was it your first time on radio and would you trade the experience with live performances?

Nay, I’ve  been on Homeboyz radio a couple of times and yes, radio is so much fun and live performance is off-the-charts! In radio, you get to reach a wider demographic but the reactions to your songs are not instant.  You have to read your listener’s comments and do follow up later.

Now, what makes live performance different, is how when you drop a song even in a room with handful of people, their liking or detachment from the song is immediate. This is where crowd science comes to play. Your fans get to interact with who you are in person. It’s just an unrivaled experience!

… DJ Perfect continues in the next posts…

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7 Responses to “DJ Perfect

  • DJ Perfect
    4 years ago

    Thanks Kent for featuring me on your website, I’m thankful!

    • DJ Paula Kent
      4 years ago

      Thanks DJ Perfect, it was an awesome experience!

  • Reading all these awesome stuff feels like I’ve already met you DJ Perfect in person. That’s the power of well written interviews!

    • DJ Paula Kent
      3 years ago

      Hehehe, am flattered! Yes, @DJ Perfect is an amazing guy…

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