DJ Sadic – Part II


If the market gets flooded with professional DJs, then that’s the future, that’s the way to go, that’s the vision!

Hey friends, grab some biting and get to learn what Sadic thinks about mentorship….

Sadic, when the music stops and there is no more deejaying, what else sums up your zeal?

I am very passionate about mentoring; helping people reach their potential, as it were. This is God’s calling upon my life and so wherever my placement would be, I’m certain that I’d still be bringing the best out of people.

Well, since you’ve talked about your passion in mentorship, do you have any DJs you’re training?

Yeah sure, way back from Spinrej to System Unit, I’ve trained quite a number of them. The likes of DJ 21, DJ Tabz, DJ Covenant have passed through my hands at the academy. Training for me is an ongoing process and whenever I spot a person with potential that needs harnessing, I nurture it.

Here at Genius Ent, I’ve mentored the deejays am working with; DJ Gjo, Dan Tha Deejay, and a whole lot of other deejays that are part of my stable. There are those I train that leave but there are those that I mentor closely.

New DJs are cropping up at higher rate as compared to few years back, would the influx attribute to the industry being flooded? Any fears from within?

Not really. On the contrary, am glad that these deejays are making the industry and ministry rich. Back then, the numbers were few and it was a bit challenging to have most events covered with quality DJs.

The reason as to why I formed the GDS was to provide these DJs with proper learning platform of what deejaying is all about, an opportunity that I never tapped into since mine was more of an on-the-job training. It’s sad but there are those who enroll students to their academies with the sole intention of making money without really paying close attention as whether the students will be good enough for the market place at the end of the course.

Therefore, my biggest worry would be if there are a huge number of half-baked deejays in the industry, who like using the DJ title but can’t play, then that’s my chief concern. If the market gets flooded with professional DJs, then that’s the future, that’s the way to go, that’s the vision!

What then are your 3 take-home advice to these upcoming DJs?

  • Similarly to a doctor who practices perpetually, a deejay needs not give up. Patience is key in this never ending learning process. Even once the course is concluded, much practice can be obtained through gigs that give one exposure and not necessarily money.
  • Research. A DJ who doesn’t know his music nor his crowd, and is not desirous to find out details about new music, deejaying equipment that come up, and techniques on bettering oneself, can’t do really well.
  • Passion. If you are driven by money and it ceases to trickle in, then deejaying will not have longevity. Basically passion comes first! One also needs not despise the DJs who came before you, there’s always something to learn from them and those whom you are on the same level with as well as your peers!
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  • Whatever you profess overtime that’s what you become. Nice stuff!

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