DJ Sadic – Part III

In this 3rd and final part of the interview DJ Sadic shares about giving back to society, his brand & the future…

Sadic Jul -2

With passion & relentlessness you can be anything you wanna be.

In this third and final part of the interview DJ Sadic shares about giving back to society, his brand & the future.

The Mix Genius, do you mind telling us more about your unit, The Genius Entertainment?

As I’d launched out as a solo deejay after leaving System Unit, God impressed in my heart that the vision he’d given me was bigger than myself so it had to involve others. Then since I’d embraced the Mix Genius factor, I decided that everything I was going to do, had to have the “Genius” effect. That is how The Genius Entertainment (GE) was birthed; which is a one-stop entertainment house.

God kept broadening the vision and since am a deejay and very passionate about training others, then the Genius Deejay School (GDS) came to existence. Thereafter, we formed a deejay agency which used to do gigs and that’s how we created the Genius Republic Deejays (GRD) unit.

While at it, we thought of printing branded tees that we could wear when doing gigs. They became popular and our fans begun making orders and then it developed into a clothing line, the Genius Wear (GW).

We also have an events arm where we consult for other events and organize our own. We provide deejaying gear, sound and lighting, stage etc., which is the Genius Event Gear. Tying closely is the group that does parties and weddings and such like functions.

The media arm on the other hand manages our radio and TV shows. Closely within the media segment, we have the social media team who carry out social media marketing, videography, photography etc.

In addition, we have our record label, the Genius Records (GR), where we are able to sign talents from artists, especially who are from humble background. Since I also sing dancehall/reggae tunes, this is that arm that will manage my music and distribution. Above all else, all these arms within the GE unit, fuel our outreach activities within the, I Am Genius Foundation.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Well, I’ll be venturing into music production. Moreover, my desire is to broaden the functionalities of all the arms I’ve mentioned under the Genius Ent. My vision is to have all these replicated at a larger scale into other counties, and nations of the world.

What’s your parting shot as we conclude this interview?

To anyone reading this interview, know that you can be anything you wanna be so long as you’ve got the passion and are relentless. Don’t give up!


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