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Fame won’t change the person I am or the passion I’ve got!

I was elated as I got to chat with one DJ Sadic, The Mix Genius himself. He graciously accepted to sit in for this interview, to help us know him up close and candid. Shall we?

Introduce yourself to us, who is DJ Sadic?

Sadic is a born-again young man, passionate about deejaying and ministry and he’s a businessman as well. That’s Malvin Sande by birth, if you like.

How did you come up with your name Sadic? It somehow sounds closely related to Sande. And how about your tag-line – TMG?

Well, I got the name Sadiq while in high school; from my friends. It’s a Hebrew name meaning “truthful”. I later decided to use it as my artistic name but coin it to an acronym that reads out as: Saved, Anointed, Directed, Inspired by Christ (SADIC).

My TMG tag-line came about back then when a certain artist, Admiral Kilosh, would enjoy how I did his mixes while he performed. I’d just begun as young DJ and he kept introducing me to his fans that “this is my deejay, he is called Sadic and he’s a mix genius”. It got stuck and that’s how I’ve had it to date.

How long have you been active on the industry and how has the early years been like?

I’ve had the deejaying passion since my high school years but then being active on the industry has been from 2008. I’d also say that my breakthrough came about in 2010 when I’d debut on NTV’s Crossover show.

Back then in high school, I had this guy, DJ Nevz whom I’d look up to. He’d entrust me with a little bit of gigs here and there. So when I was done with schooling, he took me under his wings and taught me the ABC’s of deejaying; that’s the expertise, the ministry and business aspects for about 2 years, we operated under Spinrej Unit. During this season, I learnt and practiced a whole lot of patience as I did set up for his gigs and would carry the music records.

Later on, we formed the System Unit with DJ Mo and Alemba.

The discipline of saving over time enabled me to purchase my very first pair of necessities; laptop, headphones and deejaying gear. This facilitated the launching of my own unit, the Genius Entertainment.

I understand that we DJs are versatile and can easily play any music genre, but what would you say is your most favorite one?

My first love has always been worship music but then I’m entirely in my zone when playing a reggae set, hence my most favorite genre. Growing up, I’d listen to a lot of reggae music and I guess that’s how it rubbed on me.

We see you mostly on your KTN Tukuza show, how different is it to be on TV as compared to being a radio DJ? Ever been on radio?

Yeah, I have been on radio as well and in fact much longer than on TV. We started out at Hope FM, to Truth FM, then Homeboyz Radio, and Power Radio back then with Kkrew. However, there isn’t much difference between the two, save for the fact that TV is more restrictive especially since you have to check on the video quality of the songs you’re playing.

On radio, there’s a wider selection of music and you can go either way. If you are an energetic DJ, it will show on whichever medium you’re ministering in. Conversely, I’d say that it is an honor to be on TV but I love radio much more.

Well Sadic, being a public figure, how do you deal with being on the limelight – the attention and stuff?

I look at it this way, there’s no difference between myself and my fans who look up to me. I just have a different platform, from what they have and rightfully so, I’ve never been attached to fame. I love helping people achieve their potential so whether am on TV or not, it doesn’t matter.

Fame won’t change the person I am or the passion I’ve got! I do interact with my fans freely, am able to relate and thus appreciate the role they play in my life.


Since Sadic has so much to share with us today, catch part 2 and 3 on his interview on links below:

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