DJ Tismo, The Spinner – Part II

Missions DJ

Missions DJ

Welcome to this 2nd part of our interview as DJ Tismo talks about his drive for missions.

Missions Redefined

Tismo, what do you do at K-Krew?

I officially joined the Kubamba staff in 2011 as a Missions DJ and would facilitate the mission’s team. The whole experience was new – I served more as a minister and coordinator than a deejay.

Over the years, I’ve grown to love it and His Grace has been sufficient.

It is evident that your heart in is missions, please take us through some of your activities in the field

  • I get to mentor others; giving deejays platform to learn and grow while serving is something that am passionate about.
  • We minister to teenagers through our school outreaches. As we have fun in music and dancing, we share the gospel in a way they understand.
  • In most cases, they students would open up and share their hearts out. We’d then counsel and pray for them.

I love it when impact the few souls that I get to interact with. It makes missions a worthwhile commission.

Effective discipleship is wide and requires more than one willing hand to the plough.

Souls For Jesus

I’ve watched how students give their lives to Christ on these outreaches in scores! How then do follow up and disciple them?

Effective discipleship is wide and requires more than one willing hand to the plough.

Recorded souls won to Christ could go into 40k plus yearly. This is great harvest but there’s much that can be done. As we think of better ways of handling discipleship, we’re presently engaging the below groups:

  • We’ve partnered with One Hope and so we give inspirational reading materials to the students. It helps them learn scriptures more and grow into their new found faith, by way of applying lessons learnt.
  • We also work with local churches and CU patrons and encourage them to keep visiting these schools to uplift the students.
  • We pray for them and entrust them to God and hope that they will intentionally embrace salvation and run with it.

We are hoping to have an online platform where these students can log in and access materials, connect with other believers and send in their prayer requests.

In addition, having a 24 hour direct help-line would also be so instrumental in increasing accessibility and support.

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6 Responses to “DJ Tismo, The Spinner – Part II

  • Wow, DJ Tismo the DMC sounds interesting! All the best as you work on it!

    • DJ Paula Kent
      3 years ago

      Yeah, than you Jay for always dropping by. Yes we pray that Tismo gets to participate in the DMC.

  • DJ Perfect
    3 years ago

    That's a great interview Tismo. So honoured to listen to your insights and approach. #BlessingsAfterBlessings!

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