DJ Tismo, The Spinner – Part III


Wiseman, wise DJ

Wiseman, wise DJ

Here’s our final part of this interaction with DJ Tismo as he touches on his new projects in his deejaying career.

Tismo, as much as you’re engaged mostly on Sundays, do you think gospel deejays should go to church?

Absolutely! We are urged not to forsake the gathering of ourselves together as the manner of some is. Church is important, it helps you grow and stay accountable.

To my deejay buddies, please identify a church that believes in God and be planted there. Participate in your church activities on Sundays if you can, and through the week. Be part of what is doing in your church.

Mr. DJ, how importance is it for artists and deejays to work within spiritual covering? Do you have a spiritual authority (SA)?

It sure is necessary to have a spiritual mentor. They ask you those tough questions and put you in the straight and narrow.

I have 5:

  • My dad who is a Pastor and has always encouraged me in deejaying. He’s supportive and loyal – he even came for my deejaying graduation! He speaks into my life with such authority and love.
  • Pastor Nick, my pastor at Nairobi Chapel and Pastor TC of Karura Chapel.
  • My brother in-law who’s a musician and has married a sister to my twin wifey.👸💖
  • DJ Gach – Joe Gachira with whom we also talk about marriage matters as well as deejaying issues.

For deejays who don’t have Spiritual Authority, start by finding a local church that believes in God and commit to it. With time you will be linked to a mentor (s) in that church and beyond.

I wish we could look at these deejay units as things that bring us together and not divide us. We are #TeamJesus!

Talk about unity of gospel deejays, how vital is it?

In reference to the scriptures “where there’s unity God commands a blessing”, we can’t do it any other way.

With United Front:

  • We can achieve more as opposed to walking alone.
  • We’re serving one God and hence we have common mission of preaching the gospel, whether on radio, tv or mobile.
  • It will kill selfish ambition and ego. In essence, competition will be a thing of the past since our main interest will be to look out for each other.
  • We learn to celebrate each other regardless of which DJ unit one comes from. Genius, K-Krew and System – we ought to love one another truly!

I wish we could look at these deejay units as things that bring us together and not divide us. We are #TeamJesus!

I believe 2017 is a year of great possibilities, how does the year look for you?

2017 is gonna be amazing!

Recently in the office, we had a small activity where we picked cut pictures from magazines representing what we felt God would do for us this year. I picked 2 items:

  • Shoes rack – this for me means that I wanna travel a lot this year; far and wide sharing the gospel and learn different cultures.
  • Radio – my prayer is that God would use my deejay skills in another level for His glory, through music, radio, mix-tapes, missions, DJ-led worship, DMC etc.

It’s interesting that you’ve mention DJ-led worship, please take us through it

I’ve done this before and I believe that God is impressing in my heart to do it again!

DJ-Led Worship Defined

Simply put, it is praise and worship where the DJ facilitates it by playing the songs on the decks and singing them. The congregation sings along and enters in. The worship leader and band doesn’t do it in this case.

I’ve been leading praise and worship in church, as well as play keyboard. I took a break but am now coming back to it to even records songs.  So combining the singing skills with deejaying, the DJ-led worship does flow.

How about your passion for the World DJ Championships? Your video practice clip that I’ve just watched attests to it


where we have beat juggling, scratching, battling and the works. It is an annual championship held in the US, where participating deejays come from all around the world.

They have an online competition which requires one to send a video but then the grand one is the actual visit for a live performance.

My dream is to represent Kenya and so I’ve got to practice hard. I did participate in the Pioneer DJ East African Convention battle way back in 2013 but am eyeing the DMC one.

Now, my advise to all deejays…

See, God has called and appointed you into deejaying. Before you were born He knew the very talent you’d serve Him with.

You are not an accident waiting to happen, so realize:

  • That you belong to Him and spend time in daily devotions to seek His face and get directions for your calling.
  • That practice makes perfect. Grow your skills, endeavour to learn regularly and research perpetually.
  • That that you can work at excellence. Give it your creative best!
  • That mentoring others ensures you have a legacy. Pour yourself onto others however brief it is. Grow great deejays!
  • That having a teachable heart is attractive. Be willing to learn from others as well on matters deejaying and general life’s lessons.
  • That you’ve got to respect those who are ahead of you, whether you feel so much love for them or not.
  • That networking is paramount! Get to bond with other deejays.

When not on missions or deejaying, how do you unwind?

Well, I love traveling and spending time with my family.

I find time and hangout with friends and bond, just like we’re doing right now on this interview..☕🍴

Catch him through the links below:

Twitter: @deejaytismo

Facebook: Djtismo Spinner

Instagram: @djtismo 


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