DJ Tismo, The Spinner


Looking back, I do realize how powerful words can be!

I met this great Deejay way back in 2011 at K-Krew Offices. All through the interview today, he kept cracking me up with his sense of humour😂.  Grab your seat and let’s listen in to his insights.

The Interview

DJ Tismo, how do your folks call you?

They named me John Mutiso Nzioki. Apparently I don’t like using these names coz:

  • The meaning of John from the dictionary, isn’t that nice (and please don’t check it out)
  • Then Mutiso and Nzioki identify my bloodline and people might just feel led to address me in my tribe.

So, am okay with Tismo; derived from Mutiso and not Timothy as some of you have been thinking all along!

Oookay Tismo, so introduce yourself to your friends

Well, am a born again believer, husband to one wife (a woman) and a dotting daddy to my one little princess…but our football team might just happen…tihihi!

I am a deejay and have been at it for 11 years now.

Deejaying for 11 years is quite something, please share with us your journey

The years have flown for sure! It all began in 2006 as a student of Badilika School of Deejays under the training of DJ J Arosto (currently in the states).

DJ Johni Celeb, Ted The Deejay, DJ Octave and Mista Sam were some of my classmates.


This was basically my discovery phase. I learnt the skill at school and kept searching for opportunities in order to develop the art. It’s at this season that my pal DJ Proverbs and I formed a unit; an alliance if you like, dubbed Fonic Deejays.


I was later invited to deejay at TSO in 2010 for the very first time. And guess what? I did use CDs, lots of them to last me the entire gig!

This event is definitely one of my most memorable – the crowd was huge and my confidence matched it. My audience was turnt and elated, I was jazzed!

Looking back, I do realize how words can be powerful. I’d visit TSO (Totally Sold Out) as a fan and always kept admiring these great deejays on the decks. I was desirous and hopeful that my turn would one day come. My silent whisper finally did materialize. I bless the Lord.

So for me, I look at this way; 11 years down, and a million to come. I’ve actually begun.

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5 Responses to “DJ Tismo, The Spinner

  • Great read @Paula. Nice meeting you DJ Tismo and may God always be gracious to you on the Missions field. Looking fwd for part 2😊

  • “11 years down, and a million to come”…great perspective DJ Tismo. A worthwhile read DJ Paula.

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