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dj-uniq3We have the privilege of having Deejay Uniq from Genius Entertainment, open this segment of learning more about your Deejays. Here we go!

Introduce yourself to us, who is Deejay Uniq?

Well, Deejay Uniq is Edwin O. Masayi by birth, a simple guy who loves to deejay gospel music exclusively. I’m mostly a mobile DJ as I like to be on the move.

It is interesting how Deejays come up with their pseudo names, tell us, what are the genesis or your name and your tag-line – The Messenger?

I was given my name by my college mates coz of how differently I’d carry myself, so I decided to embrace it. My tagline the Messenger was derived from the book of Colossians 3:16 that says “Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and with grace in your hearts to the Lord”. I therefore pass my musical message to my fans, hence the Messenger.

How long have you been active on the industry and how was the starting up like?

I first began as a secular Deejay way back in 2011. I wasn’t as a professional as I am today since I hadn’t trained as yet. I’d play my music via Virtual DJ software on my laptop at my college, clubs and weddings, differently from how we do it on decks and with a more defined and acceptable Serato Scratchlive software.

Later in 2013, I decided to join Genius Deejay School (GDS), to horn my passion and have a formidable Deejaying career. So, professionally, I’d say that I have been a DJ for 3 years.

From the onset, one of my main challenges was monetary. I’d walk for miles on end and at times sleep on an empty stomach, just to make it to school. However, my determination and encouragement from my mentors Deejay Sadic and Dan Tha Deejay steered me forward to being who I am today.

In addition to that, while I was still a student, it was unfortunate that I got mugged on my way from school (back then it used to be at Westlands), and I lost my laptop. It was going to be an uphill task to recover this asset as well as my music collections.

Does Deejaying pay?

Well, at the moment it is not paying to the level I’d want but I’m positive that it will soon. The passion I have for this craft has a stick-ability effect on me so I must soldier on.

Uniq, apart from having a life on the decks, is there any other side hustle that you’re engaged in?

Most definitely, that’ the way to go! I have a business dubbed The AGE Solutions (coined from messAGE), which basically deals in storage devices e.g. memcards, flashcards, hard disks, hardware, software, laptops, desktops, earphones, headphones, powerbanks, etc. I also design logos, poster, flyers, banners and business cards.

New DJ’s are currently cropping up in the industry at higher rate as compared to few years back, would you say that the influx could attribute to the industry being flooded?

Yes, we train upcoming deejays daily but for one to remain in the industry is highly determined by the passion they have for this expertise. The sad truth is that not all trained DJs end up carrying this career.

What three things then would you advice these upcoming DJs?

  • Have passion in what you do
  • Stay humble always
  • Trust in God at all times.

Do you personally mentor DJs, and where is that? Tell us more about it.

I’m a trainer at GDS, something that I glory in doing since 2014. I naturally love to share and so teaching is exciting for me as I get to impart skills to my students, and make them ready for the market place.

Any female DJ students that you train and what special encouragements do you give them?

Yes, at the school we have a couple of female deejays who join in feeling so timid and intimidated by their male counterparts, in an industry predominantly dominated by men. However, my role is to build up their confidence level to a place where they can be stars out there. We address fears and instill courage!

Mr. DJ, have you ever been on radio before, and how was it?

Ooh yes, I had my debut last weekend the 30th July at Truth FM, on a Saturday Jam show with my pals DJ Perfect, DJ Jacy and DJ Carian, all from Genius Entertainment, or rather, Genius Republic Deejays.

I was somewhat nervous from the start since I was doing an opening set for the show, but in no time I gathered my confidence and stepped up. I’d also say that since my mentor and my boss DJ Sadic, was also on the show as a co-host, I had no choice but to just do a stellar job. It was unquestionably an unmatched experience that I would want to have over and over.

How do you usually prepare for your gigs?

  • I get to visit the venue at least a day prior to the event
  • I read my audience or meet my client and get to know the kind of music that suits them
  • Then most certainly, I have to prepare my playlist
  • On the material day of the event, I get to keep time by arriving at the venue 2 hours earlier, to set up and enjoy my work

Any most embarrassing kind of a situation while Deejaying?

My good pal DJ Perfect and I got a gig at Karen, we carried our music which mostly had poor bitrates quality and hired the decks which apparently where more current than what we’d used at school. Evidently, it had more lit buttons and got me intimidated and confused such that I ended up not blending the first few songs well, something that a proficient DJ shouldn’t be caught doing.

My second awkward moment is when I played at a wedding event and never got paid even a dime. The gig was dope though and everyone was satisfied. So you can see that it is of utmost importance to sign a payment contract with client beforehand.

And where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

My aspirations in the industry is to open my own entertainment unit where I’ll have deejay academy to nurture new talent, work closely with recording and performing artists and give back to the society.

Tell us, where can we your fans, get to interact with you or book for events?

I have my mixes on Mixcrate that my fans can download for free and enjoy. I have 6 volumes so far and I record them based on the genre and message I want to share with them. So for instance, I’ve entitled them, The Message Vol. 1, in that sequence.

My social links are:

on Twitter: @deejayuniq254
Mixcrate: deejayuniq254
Facebook: Deejayuniq
Instagram: @deejayuniq
Hulkshare: deejayuniq
YouTube channel: DEEJAY UNIQ

Would you say that you have a specific genre that you love most?

Not really, I love all genres hence no favorite.

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