Finding A Mentor

“You will never walk alone, as long as you have me…” are lyrics from a song that I simply love. It talks of someone who has purposed to always be there to help and stand with another. At every level, we sure need mentors to encourage, challenge us into growth and maturity, direct and advise us.

What A Mentor Is…

A great mentor is found. Seeking the ideal one in the area(s) we need to work on, requires a whole lot of effort.

Mentors will always aspire to bring out the best in us. They might to some degree have a “tough” approach, but their best interest in us makes the approach worthwhile. They aren’t meant to pamper us.

Outstanding mentors are those whom we personally don’t know. When they reproach us, we are able to learn with a positive attitude without taking in offense.

Being mentored requires time and patience. Avail such. It’s no wonder why every successful person acknowledges the input of their mentors in forming them into great personalities that they have become.

Having a mentor makes a whole lot of difference, engage one today and just see what happens!

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