Should Gospel Deejays Play Secular Music?  

Can Gospel And Secular Songs Go Together?

The other day I had this interesting conversation with my deejay husband, on whether it’s appropriate for gospel deejays, or even gospel radio stations, to play secular songs.

You see, these thoughts were triggered by “some” songs we’d heard on the air-play, or mixes on the gram or on a hype-set in gigs.

Is this even right? Well, there are countless debates and justification around this topic. I understand that it’s an overly sensitive one and by no means am I trying to point fingers or mention names. I am seeking to understand the why behind these choices of songs.

Wedding DJ 2


Let’s play out some scenarios:

  1. You know this song is such a hit so if I put it in my mix, itasonga sana manze!
  1. Gospel reggae songs are few, so I must include these legendary songs to make my crate complete
  1. You know, being an exclusive gospel DJ is hard coz finances are limited. So, if I get gigs za club, nitakuwa sorted mbaya. Wera ni wera, kwaniii!
  1. But I just played it because the MC at the wedding requested for it
  1. For this weddo, as much as my clients ni wasee wa church, lazima tu nirushe hii song ndo hype ishike


The Motive

I want to believe that a gospel deejay is a minister of the Word, who plays pre-recorded gospel music. If this is your chosen lane, then it is paramount that you do whatever it takes to stay true to your calling. Our identity as Christians governs what we do.

I must also add that secular music doesn’t necessarily equates to ungodliness but, its more than just the song. It’s the values, the faith, the belief and who the artist professes as Lord.

“Secularismis said to be an indifference to or rejection or exclusion of religion and religious considerations.

All the above reasons/scenarios I’d  mentioned,  are “legit”. However, your motive and conviction as a gospel deejay will save the day.  If I can answer number 2…

Gospel reggae songs are numerous. Its just that we perhaps might not out-rightly know the songs nor the artists but, YouTube is a great tool to finding good songs. For example, if you search Samuel Medas, his other  gospel reggae counterparts will be recommended for you. So, you should listen to the songs you download, vet them before adding to your playlist/crate.

Can you trust God to open avenues for you to deejay without needing to compromise even during “dry seasons”? Can you trust Him to provide for your daily needs?

At weddings, once the MC and relatives to the couple know your stand, they will not pressure you to play other songs.  What works for me is, I just say “sina hio ngoma”. True, I don’t download songs that I can’t play.


As I Finish…

Know your heart, take stock of your playlist and delete what you shouldn’t have. Make mention to your clientele on the songs you can play, append this on your contracts, if  you must.

Be bold and different and let’s clean the airwaves with wholesome songs.


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8 Responses to “Should Gospel Deejays Play Secular Music?  

  • I couldn’t agree more. A gospel DJ has a higher mandate, to evangelize through wholesome music. The same God who feeds bird of the air can sustain a deejay, or better still, provide legit side-hussles to supplement income.

    • DJ Paula Kent
      2 years ago

      Well put. Thanks for always reading my posts. Bless up!

  • Dj Perfect
    2 years ago

    I like this article…I totally agree with you Beb. These days gospel deejays use short cuts with the excuse ati hakuna jobs. God will provide for those who are faithful to Him.

  • Muraguri Gitari
    2 years ago

    Awesome… making a stand and keeping the standard. May God come through for you

  • Dj Qupe
    1 year ago

    I will remain true. Wonderful peace.

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