Handmade Rustic Boards Calligraphy

Board 3

My love for calligraphy is because – this is the most lovely formation of different fonts!

Ever come across beautiful perfectly done rustic boards and name plaques? Today am introducing my pal Mercy; whose pieces gets many awestruck.

Who Is Mercy?

I’m a self-taught modern Calligrapher, saved and I love Jesus. Am grateful to Him for this gift and my aim is to pass it on to others some day, by teaching them this skill that I have acquired.

I am also a Mechanical Engineer by profession and quite passionate about that as well.

The boards – how do you do them?

Blue Anchor Creative wedding collections

Blue Anchor Creative wedding collections

I have the boards cut to size, sanded, stained and varnished by a professional carpenter whom I work with. After this, they are ready for painting.

I use either a paint marker or paintbrush for this. Before I start painting, I do a sketch of the artwork on a piece of paper. I then adjust proportions until I am happy with the design.

The next step is to transfer the design onto the wood. I do this by tracing the design on the paper as it rests on the wood which will leave an indentation.

Sometimes, I simply draw the design free-hand using a white color pencil. After this I use the markings as a guide to paint artwork on.

This may take between 30 minutes to 2 or even 3 hours depending on how many coats I have to make. I make either 1 or two coats until I achieve complete opacity with the paint.

The piece is now ready for delivery.

What’s inspires you in this artwork and how long have you been at it?

Board 2

Blue Anchor Creative signage

My love for calligraphy is because – this the most beautiful formation of different fonts. It takes concentration and I like to put some nice instrumental music in the back ground and lose myself in the painting.

I am inspired a lot by other calligraphers who I follow and look up to. They challenge me to get better at my craft when I see their beautiful work.

I started calligraphy in 2016 simply with a ball point pen. With time I met a more experienced calligrapher who introduced me to better stationery including inks and pens.


In 2017, I started an Instagram page where I’d post my pieces and from there I was able to find a few clients interested in my services and the gram grew to a business!

How are your charges?

The cost depends on the size of the board and the type of artwork to be done. More writing costs more as it takes much time and lots of painstaking concentration.

A rough estimate of prices:

  • 26cm by 22cm/10″ by 8″: Sh 4,000
  • 30cm by 30cm/12″ by 12″: Sh5,000
  • 42cm by 30cm/17″ by 12″: Sh7,000
  • Anything above and beyond: customized rate

My Pieces are:Board 4

  • Customized – send me pictures of what you’d like and from there, we can come with a design that is unique for you.
  • Handcrafted – since all the pieces are handmade and hand painted, every piece will exceptionally meet your specific needs.

Check my work and let’s get interactive on:

FB: Blue Anchor Creative

Instagram: @blue_anchor_creative

WhatsApp: 0708495318

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2 Responses to “Handmade Rustic Boards Calligraphy

  • This is fresh talent! I love it!

    • DJ Paula Kent
      1 year ago

      I agree, I love the rustic feel of all her pieces. am tempted to add on to my collections 😉

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