Hey There, Happy 2018!

Happy New Year Folks!

Trust that your new beginnings are turning out well so far.

I have missed you all.

PicsArt_02-10-05.50.16I haven’t done much writing for a couple months; one, because I needed time to plan my wedding that went down in September 22, 2017. Oh, yees, it was the most beautifully amazing day of my life and am thankful that I made this decision.

I pray that you’d also get to experience this someday; for you who is desirous to find a mate and settle. And please send me and invite when this happens 😉

My being offline was also for my need to rest, adjust and mourn the passing of my dear bro that occurred exactly 1 week to  my wedding. The nuptials went on as scheduled and we buried him 2 weeks later.

This was extremely difficult, but I thank God for upholding me. I can say that am stronger now also cuz of you my friends who stood by me. Off course I have some “moments”, but am good!

Thank you for truly encouraging and praying for me.

And now am back on course! Ready to reconnect. (If you’d like to be featured on the #MeetYourDeejays and #ProTips segments, please holla)

How has your January been?

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3 Responses to “Hey There, Happy 2018!

  • Sorry for your loss Paula. May you continue growing in strength and grace. My Njanuary was okay, I guess. No drama.

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