Happy Birthday Kent!


The Birthday Gal

Happiest birthday to the most deserving soul; DJ Paula Kent!

Today’s inspiration to feature myself on this post is obviously from my birthday. As I turn an year older, I felt to make it extra special!

Well, this is the unsigned edition where I get to share a bit about my self:

Here goes 10 things that you probably do or don’t know about me:

1. I’m the last born in a family of 6.

2.  I’ve used my pseudo names Paula Kent longer than my actual names. At one point an Advocate pal had advised that I swear an affidavit to change my names.

3.  Never been to a boarding school.

4.  Love love reggae tunes.

5.  Am also a customer-care representative, so I’ve probably answered your calls or replied to your e-mails somewhere.

And the likes and love continues…

6.  I have 2 interestingly weird habits; I love counting (I sometimes count my food steps when walking). I also only wash clothes with colour codes e.g. I can do red, white and blue only in a single washing. I don’t mix colours

7.  Am great at record keeping and budgeting!

8.  I’m in a relationship with one awesome dude. Soon-hubster-to-be😉

9.  I love pulses and grains; my favourite meal is beans and rice.

10. I love my hair so much but its all gone; am now a transformed naturalista.

Bonus unlisted item is my love for green and yellow…evident on this website

6 Responses to “Happy Birthday Kent!

  • Happy birthday Kent, wishing you a truly awesome day!🎂

    Now on no. 2 how about sharing your real names?🙈

    • DJ Paula Kent
      2 years ago

      Ooh that’s so sweet of you Jay. Right my birth names are Pauline Akoth. Now you know😎

  • Perfect
    2 years ago

    Niiice 💖💖💖.Happy Birthday.Love you sana.

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