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One on one interviews with your favorite gospel deejays in the music scene.

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Tismo 1

DJ Tismo, The Spinner

Looking back, I do realize how words can be powerful. I met this great Deejay way back in 2011 at ...
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Mzito 3

DJ Mzito; Larger Than Life

Be persistent and don’t give up. Giving up is done by the masses but be amongst the few who choose ...
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DJ Perfect Part II

Education is vital as it compliments talent. So it’s important to acquire knowledge. Kindly take us through the set phases ...
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Paula Perfect_-23

DJ Perfect

A true DJ is driven by passion and not whim or cash. As we are launching this website today, I ...
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DJ Sadic Part II

Whatever you profess over & over you become. In this second part of the interview Sadic shares about giving back ...
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DJ Sadic

With Passion & Relentlessness you can be anything you wanna be. I was elated as I got to chat with ...
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DJ Joeflex

Don’t compete with anyone. You are your own competition. Today, we are talking to DJ Joeflex, who will be breaking ...
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Deejay Uniq

Passion . Humility . Trust We have the privilege of having Deejay Uniq from Genius Entertainment, open this segment of ...
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