Necessity Of Business Contract

Greetings friends! How’s the second half of the year coming along?

I have been away for some time; adjusting to this new phase of my life…I can’t wait to share details about it soon.

I had promised this write-up on matters contract on the Two Becoming One post I did sometimes last year, and I couldn’t be happier to share my thoughts.

Through my interactions with industry creatives, I have realized how deals could go south when one or both parties fail to pen down their agreed expectations or take time to understand a contract.

I have also experienced it first-hand, both as a Client during my wedding, dealing with service providers, and as a Service Provider deejaying at someone else’s wedding.

The aftermath is more or less broken trust and strained relationships.

Unmet Expectations

Some of the potential contract disputes or misunderstandings that surfaces at events; that bring about loss of value, time and money are:

  • When agreed payments are either delayed or not paid at all
  • When quality of goods and/or services are compromised
  • When punctuality is dishonoured, amongst others

It is therefore agreeable that for any gig, wedding deal, artist management job; in big or small business engagement, that a contract be written and signed for commitment.

True Story

Now, about last month, there’s one of our friends who was hosting an all-night artist event, and decided to pay upfront the “agreed” amount to the person who was to provide Sound System.

No paperwork was exchanged.

Come the d-day at setting up, the service provider never showed up and never picked calls. So he had to quickly get someone else to cover up.

To date, no refunds have been done. Quite sad, right?

The simpler it is, the better.

How A Contract Will Save Your Business

The contract is binding and can be used as a reference point in the event of unlikely disagreement and litigation.

The mere fact that your business has a contract, it will give your customers more confidence your brand and there will be clarity on the expectations , hence reducing the risks of a possible breach.

In my next post, I will share a contract template and highlight on key items to be included in its preparation.

Let me hear any experiences you’ve encountered on contracts or duped contractual deals, in the comment section.

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