Quick Tips from A Graphic Designer

melEvery once in a while you want quick inspiration, quick solutions for your graphics project. You wish you had a magic wand and your work would turn out perfect.

Well lucky for you, today we have real magic 🙂 tips from an experienced graphic designer. She goes by the name of Mel. Here they are:



Think along the three Cs.


Keep it clean and spaced out. It’s easy on the eyes and gives your piece a classy look.


Get a theme, use your color wheel if you must. It sets the mood of what you want to express..


Pick out your center of focus and play with shapes, sizes, color etc. Place your center of focus where it stands out.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. ~Steve jobs

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2 Responses to “Quick Tips from A Graphic Designer

  • I love your 3 C’s Mel. Good stuff!

    • DJ Paula Kent
      3 years ago

      Thanks Jay, am sure she’ll appreciate the kind thoughts when she gets to read your comment.

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