DJ Paula Kent is more than a DJ. Partnering with the best DJs, Artists & Band Managers in Kenya and Business Consultants and other Industry Professionals, Paula ensures that you have the best of services at your disposal.


Do you have an upcoming corporate event, wedding, team building or a get-together? Call DJ Paula Kent. I’ve got the skills, professional equipment, and the right music to match the expectations of the event. What’s more, I have a team of ladies and gents to keep the music going all day or all night long.

Get a Professional DJ

Get More…Get Sound

Together with the DJ, you can get a great package in PA/sound system so you don’t have to source for it separately. How convenient is that! What’s more, being an active every week sound tech I can confidently guarantee you quality equipment as well as quality sound for your event.

Get a Quality PA

Artist Management

Are you an artist in need of a manager who knows the ins and outs of the music industry? Partnering with Perfect Vibes, we offer these exciting deals: audio recording, music video shoots, celebrity photo shoots, video background graffiti and music distribution, so that you can focus wholly on your art.

Content Writer

Writing is my passion. Do you need a contributor for your blog or proof reading skills for your written pieces? Paula is here for you.

Business Consultancy

Partnering with a network of well tested and proven entrepreneurs, you will get solid business plans that you can execute right away. And what’s more, we walk with you every step of the way so you can succeed.

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