You Just Be You


There have been instances where I have tried to be like someone else. Or maybe, I could be talking on your behalf.

There are individuals whose creativity, mastery of talents, finesse, elegance, the way they handle situations or how they talk, can be a basis of our desire to ape them. Maybe it’s simply this outgoing personality that you lack and you’re taking a crack at faking it.

Truth be told, you and I can only enjoy these endearing attributes from a distance. Allowing competition and comparison is far much worse. Nonetheless, competition can be healthy if it contributes towards making you a better you in terms of self improvement.

100% You                                     

Someone once said,  there’s something that only you can do 100%.

That’s right you are a 100% in your area! If you haven’t discovered it, find it. Find that which you shine in. It could be simply arranging files neatly, ironing clothes…nothing complicated. For others, their strength lies within their tongue. They have the ability of closing a business deal well.  No one else does it like them.

Make Piece Peace

The bottom line is this: there is no person who is absolute in everything. If there was then that wouldn’t be fair. That’s why I need you and you need me. We are meant to complement each other. If there’s something that you can do in a bid to boast your self-confidence, go right ahead. If not, make peace with your personality, love you for who you are.

Don’t be your worst enemy but your loudest cheer leader.

You know why? You aren’t able to recreate yourself. Besides, your Creator sees you as a masterpiece, He looked at you and said “it is good”!  Yes you are!

Love List

If you have been trying hard to be like others until you have forgotten who you who really are…try no more. Start by intentionally making a list of the things you love about yourself . You will be amazed on how lovable you truly are. You are authentic!


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